Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rob Gendler review

Astrophotographer Rob Gendler has weighed in on the new Arp atlas book with some unofficial but glowing comments, including the following:

"This book will be a major contribution to all of astronomy and will no doubt be used for decades to come. In addition to the many fine images it's packed with an impressive amount of information about Arp's 338 peculiar galaxies. It will be an incredible resource for imagers, observers and armchair astronomers."

Thanks Rob! We're glad you liked it.

Review from the Houston Astronomical Society

The April 2007 newsletter of the Houston Astronomical Society features a Q&A with local author Dennis Webb regarding the Arp galaxies. The new Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies, the reviewer says, is 'informative' and 'a must-have'.

Check out the review here:

NEAF talk

Jeff and Dennis spoke very successfully this weekend at the Northeast Astronomy Forum in Suffern, NY. Thanks to Jim Burnell and the whole NEAF crowd!